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The Vertical announces IMMIGRANT FOUNDERS REPORT 2024. Showcase your leadership in supporting diversity

The Vertical’s Immigrant Founders Report is the first in-depth examination of international talent in the U.S. startup ecosystem.

Join our initiative to lead the conversation on immigrant entrepreneurs in tech.

The Vertical’s Immigrant Founders 500-page report will be the first comprehensive publication on immigrant entrepreneurship in the U.S. in over a decade. 

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Through 12 months of research, our team of data scientists, journalists, experts and analysts will uncover valuable insights into the contributions of immigrant founders to the U.S. startup landscape.

We will survey over 5,000 immigrant tech entrepreneurs and conduct nearly 500 one-on-one interviews with immigrant founders, investors, and ecosystem partners in startup hubs across the U.S. 

Key insights will include:

  • Top 10 home countries for immigrant founders and startup funding raised
  • How government policy impacts immigrant entrepreneurship and M&A activity
  • Comparative challenges that female immigrant founders face in fundraising and growth
  • Which emerging U.S. startup hubs and industries attract immigrant techpreneurs 
  • Case studies on billion-dollar “unicorns” founded by immigrants
  • Disparities in funding and success rates between immigrant and native-born founders
  • Predictive models forecasting future U.S. hotspots for immigrant tech talent 

Our team of professional journalists will air diverse techpreneur voices through feature articles, interviews, profiles, vlogs, and podcasts. Branded social media appearances will spotlight innovative immigrants daily.

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The findings will be published through:

  • A 500-page print edition with infographics 
  • Interactive multimedia eBook with video interviews 
  • An immersive website with profiles, interviews, and features
  • A 12-episode podcast series on top immigrant founders
  • Video spotlights on Silicon Valley vs. emerging startup regions
  • Quarterly mini-reports focusing on key immigrant communities
  • Social media posts on report highlights and insights

Sponsorship Opportunities

This groundbreaking report provides a unique opportunity to showcase your leadership in supporting diversity, gain early access to key insights, and promote your brand across multiple media platforms.

Partnership Opportunities

Join our research team as a Content Partner to highlight data, stories of local tech entrepreneurs, and policy recommendations that can move the needle for underrepresented founders.

For more information about sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please email us at:

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