The Writer Guidelines

Welcome to The Vertical

The Vertical’s mission is to serve as the leading online publication dedicated to celebrating, guiding, and supporting the diverse community of tech immigrant entrepreneurs who are driving innovation in the U.S.

With nearly 80% of America's unicorn, billion-dollar companies boasting foreign-born co-founders, CEOs, or VPs, we recognize the immense value and potential of these trailblazers.

Our digital platform showcases the invaluable perspectives and insights of immigrant founders, highlighting their resilience, creativity, and indispensable contributions to the entrepreneurial world.

By championing their achievements and providing a rich repository of resources, The Vertical, aims to foster a brighter, more innovative, and prosperous future for all, while emphasizing the profound impact of diversity on the global business stage.

How to write a great article

We are looking for thought-provoking articles, expert advice, and inspiring personal stories to empower exceptional immigrant founders and address the unique challenges they face.

A great article is either a contrarian opinion, challenging the existing media narrative, such as an example HERE, expert advice such as an example HERE or HERE, or an opinion based on your own experience.

What we are expecting from you

Trustworthy resources: Please, embed links to original sources of information, such as articles, studies, and data, you quote.

Length: Pieces typically run about 3,000 - 5,000 characters.

Things that cannot be included in your article:

Overly promotional content,spotlighting controversial people, companies or services.

Unacknowledged financial relationships. We discourage you from writing about anything you have a financial relationship with..

Previously published material: We cannot accept articles that were previously published.

Plagiarism or copyright infringement, including a third party's original, copyrighted texts or photos.